Other financial ratios

Other financial ratios - is the group of ratios which are difficult to classify and assign for the concrete financial results evaluating group. You may find that other sources assign these ratios to the different groups. The classification of these financial ratios is interesting but it is a separate issue which is outside the interests of this website.

However it would be a wrong decision not to present such important ratios as: Altman Z-Score indicators series or Springate Score. Altman Z-Score indicators series includes some modifications which ease analytics tasks evaluating various companies’ financial health. These modifications are: Altman Z-Score for private companies, Altman Z-Score for non-manufacturer industrials and emerging market credits and Altman Z-score for public companies. So, one part of this group can be named as company’s financial health identifiers.

The second part of ratios helps to understand the results of business by comparing some important financial result with total assets ratio. Ratios such as sales to total assets, EBIT to total assets, retained earnings to total assets, working capital to total assets can be assigned to this part of group.

It is very important to notice that all financial ratios of this group (except Altman Z-Score and Springate Score) are used to calculate Altman Z-Score and Springate Score financial ratios.