1. What is a financial calculator?
    It is a model that’s based on financial logics and that is developed to process several financial indicators using certain mathematical calculations in order to obtain a new financial indicator.

  2. What is a financial indicator?
    A financial indicator is a numerical value that defines financial outcome, capital, property, financial commitments or other values of such kind, and can be expressed both by relative or absolute value.

  3. What is an online calculator?
    An online calculator allows carrying out the calculations online by entering one’s data and obtaining a result on the spot.

  4. How do I find a calculator for any particular financial indicator?
    There are several different ways to choose from. This can be done by:
    • Choosing the Filter option on the Home page;
    • Using the option on the menu called Financial calculator;
    • Using the Search for function;
    • Using the Sitemap function.

  5. Where do I find the Definitions of any particular financial indicator?
    This can be done by:
    • Using the option on the menu called Financial ratios description;
    • Using the Search for function;
    • Using the Sitemap function.

  6. How does one use an online calculator?
    Firstly you have to enter your data. For example, in order to calculate the Gross profit margin indicator you have to enter the values of Gross profit and Net sales, then click Calculate and in the bottom part you will see the result, based on the data you entered. You can use the Reset button to clear the data you entered.

  7. How does one enter the data?
    The data has to be entered into the white fields on the yellow background, following the names of the required data that you can find on the left hand side.

  8. What do I click to calculate the financial ratio?
    You have to click Calculate.

  9. Where do I find the result?
    After you click Calculate, you will see the answer in a new line that appears below Result.

  10. How do I re-enter the data to calculate the same indicator?
    In this case you should click Reset and the calculator will be ready for the new data to be entered.

  11. Where can I find the formulas to calculate the financial ratio?
    When you are looking for a formula of any financial indicator, choose the option on the menu called Financial ratios description; there you can find the description of the ration that interests you either by using the alphabetical list or the group list. If you would like to see the formula, after calculating the financial ratio click Read more on the bottom of the page.

  12. How do I collect the data for the calculation?
    Use the balance, income and other financial sheets.

  13. How can I leave a comment (suggestion, request, inquiry, etc)?
    For that, use the menu option called Contact Us.

  14. What does Show all calculators mean?
    This is a complete list of all the financial calculators.

  15. How do I use the Filter by function?
    In the Select field, which you can find next to Category, choose the group of financial indicators that interests you. Then in the Select field, which is next to Calculator, choose the financial ratio you need and click Filter. Then you will open the financial calculator sheet of the financial ratio that you chose.

  16. Can I find the descriptions of the groups of indicators on the website?
    Yes, you can find them by clicking on the name of the group on our Home page.